Hartmut Zänder
orbis TV pictus:


A german look upon Japanese TV

"TV-MANGA" seems to be the appropriate translation for ORBIS TELEVISIONIS PICTUS, the title of my drawing work, which means "the whole world of television in pictures". Such a project has never been made by a painter, except perhaps by Hogarth in his anatomy books. His work follows in general a rather technoid handling of the living world and folds out the Renaissance perspective conception preceding the later optical interface systems like photography, films, TV, computer etc..
Already in my previous acrylic-paintings I had been interested in the logic of iconographic figuration and the development of visual patterns and structures.
I regard TV as a gigantic, illustrated dictionary, feeding us with user-information on reality. TV belongs to the kind of machines, we use to look upon living beings abandoning the certainty of perceiving reality or virtuality. It is part of the general acceleration of modern life and is worth to be investigated.
I attempt to select all the performance and interpretation instructions from TV with an objective comparable to the wellknown Hokusai-manga. Since japanese woodcutprints had a certain influence on my former works, I'm now in reverse trying my european eye also on Japanese films and TV .
The first attempts of my drawing series eight years ago included pencil-drawing, copying, stillstand-technique and the colouring with fluid acrylic colours. The work has been extruded to experiments with the computer to receive small limited editions of these visual poems, which are, reduced to three little pictures and set in a vertical row, perhaps comparable to traditional japanese HAIKU.

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